Kolyu Getsov (1938)

Kolyu Getsov

Kolyu Getsov
Photo: personal archive

Kolyu Getsov is a Bulgarian artist born in the town of Strazhitsa. He started his artistic education at the National Academy of Art in Sofia but later received a scholarship to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he graduated with a degree in “Sculpture and Artistic Metalworking” under the guidance of Prof. Jan Nušil.

Getsov worked in the field of monumental arts, sculpture, wall painting, and stained glass. He worked with Michalis Garoudis to create numerous monumental works. Together with his wife the artist Ekaterina Getsova, in 1991 he founded the “Arosita” gallery in Sofia.

Kolyu Getsov’s works are part of many private and public collections in Bulgaria and abroad. His notable works include the “Composition 1” and “Composition 2” sculptures, which he created with Garoudis, at the National Palace of Culture in 1981; mosaics on the facade of 55 School in Sofia, and many other monumental works.