“Sofia Mosaic Tour” is a project of the Balkan Heritage Foundation, funded by Sofia Municipality as part of the “Cultural Heritage” program for 2022-2023. This website, as well as our Instagram page are part of the project, and present one of the newest cultural tours in Sofia, making it accessible to the citizens and visitors of Sofia, as well as mosaic art enthusiasts around the world. This rich collection of mosaics spans 29 locations with 70 ancient and contemporary mosaic artworks spread around the city.

Our mission is to showcase the need to preserve this heritage, as well as the future of mosaic art in Bulgaria and its influence as an art form. The tour consists of three segments based on the three major periods of the development of mosaic art in Bulgaria:

  • The ancient mosaics from Roman Serdica decorated private and public buildings dating from the period III-VI century CE, and were discovered during the major construction works in the XX and XXI centuries. Today they are displayed either at their original places of discovery or as part of museum collections.

  • The XX and XXI centuries also saw the creation of modern mosaic art which reflects the trends of modern Bulgarian art in the decoration of religious and public buildings before the change of regime in 1944, as well as the art that defined the appearance of public spaces throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

The Sofia Mosaic Tour is a free, self organised activity, not a guided tour; visitors can pick and choose which mosaics they would like to see, and then plan the route which is best suited to their interests and time constraints themselves.

We wish you a delightful journey as you follow the Sofia Mosaic Tour, and discover the colorful world of mosaics in our city for the first time!

The Balkan Heritage Team