Yordan Spirov (1944-2013)

Yordan Spirov

Yordan Spirov
Photo: UBA

Yordan Spirov was born in Sofia, where he graduated from the National Academy of Arts (then called the “High institute for fine arts “Nikolai Pavlovich”) in 1972 with a specialty in “Monumental-decorative painting” that he had honed through study with Prof. Georgi Bogdanov. He worked actively in the field of monumental art in techniques such as fresco, sgraffito, metalwork, ceramics, and mosaic. In addition to his artistic pursuits, he was also engaged in teaching activities at the National Academy of Sciences.

Yordan Spirov passed away in Sofia in 2013.

Some of Yordan Spirov’s more important works include the mosaic “Translation of the holy books of the brothers Cyril and Methodius” at the tomb of St. Constantine the Philosopher in Rome, which was completed in 1975. He also created a mosaic in the Embassy Complex of Bulgaria in Moscow in 1981 as well as the “Spring” mosaic in the National Palace of Culture in 1981.